Auto-Personalization Services

This component of the GPII is the workhorse - and perhaps the most complex and difficult to implement.  It is however also what makes things simple for users, public access points, and organizations accommodating their employees and the public.

The Auto-Personalization service takes the users preferences and, in combination with information about the device being used tries to find versions of the requested material (content or services) that match the user's needs and preferences. It looks to the platform and sees how it can adjust the platform to meet the users needs. And if the platform cannot meet their needs (or the user has registered a preference for another solution that will work with this platform) the auto-personalization service would retrieve that assistive technology and configure it for the user.

Some of this service can be done through post-hoc patching and programming. Most however will require collaboration with the platform and with web services.

When it is all working - the auto-personalization function will be invisible and users will simply find that when they approach and use technologies the technologies automatically adjust to the user's personal preferences and materials are automatically adjusted to accommodate them.