Awareness Programs - "There is a Fix for That"

One of the most critical components of the GPII will be the outreach and awareness component. This component will not focus on awareness of the GPII itself but rather on making people aware that solutions exist and where they should begin their search.

Currently, there is vast underutilization of what is available. Even features that are free and built directly into the operating system go unnoticed and unused by those who need them.

The objective of this component will be to make it just as obvious that there is a fix for people's accessibility and usability problems  as it is that “there is an app for that." When people have difficulty operating information or communication technology, the first thing that should come to mind should be that “there must be a solution for this... something that would make it easier for me.” They must also know where to begin their search.

This will need to be accomplished through a comprehensive program of public service announcements, feeding information to primary resource providers in different communities, and word-of-mouth. It will be most effective if it involves and is useful not just to people with more severe disabilities but to anyone with a significant usability problem with broadband information and communication technologies.