Caption and Description Finder

The full name of this piece of the GPII is the Caption, Description, and Supplemental Resource Finder.

The purpose of this component of the GPII is to find accessible versions of content or to find the supplemental accessibility information needed to make content accessible. For example, if a user who is deaf comes across a movie without captions, this feature can determine if there are captions for the movie anywhere on the web and fetch them so that they can be played in synchrony with the movie. Similarly, an individual who is blind may need descriptions for movies or images. Or an individual with a cognitive disability may need supplemental explanation to accompany content.

The resource finder will be designed in such a fashion that, if the needed supplemental information cannot be found, it can be requested either from a volunteer source or from a paid source. Once generated, the information could then be made available to all. For popular events, a mechanism could be provided for individuals to offer partial payment in contribution to a pool. When sufficient funds are accumulated, the resource would be provided for all.

The GPII would not operate such services, but would only create the infrastructure to allow others to build and operate such services.

The three major components at this time, and the lead members of the consortium working on them, are:

  • Finds resources that match user needs (captions, descriptions, supplemental information, alternative materials)
  • Provides a mechanism to get captions or descriptions if not on a/v materials
  • Provides a way to transform documents into accessible form if accessible forms not available