Unified Listing and Marketplace

The Unifed-Listing and Marketplace serves three important purposes in the GPII. 


First - the Unified Listing will act as a place where all existing solutions to ICT access can be found.  This includes

  • Commercial products  (open-source and proprietary)
  • Free versions of commercial products  (trials and limited versions)
  • Free AT  (shareware or freeware)  (open-source or proprietary)
  • Accessibility Features and programs that are built into commercial products

It will be the first place (and currently only place) that all of these solutions (including build in solutions) are brought together in one place.   This will be a federated listing, meaning that it will draw information from many different sources (each credited on a per entry basis) in order to create a collaboration on the formation and maintenance of the listing.  It will also include (compesated) crowsourcing to ensure update and accuracy.

GPII Market Place

GPII will also maintain a linked but separate (from Unified Listing) GPII Marketplace  where companies can list their products for sale.  It will include both commercial and free entries.  It will also include user ratings and information on support and record for keeping the product updated so what commercial products can clearly show any advantages they have over free products.

The GPII Marketplace will allow new and small vendors to more easily bring their products to market and make them known and will have features to help screen out unsafe software and solutions.  By providing a place to easily find the different solutions, in a manner that sorts itself based on the user's needs and preferences, it can allow new vendors to more easily bring their products to market and make them know to those who could use them.

Try-out Room

The Try-out room will be available for some products in the GPII Marketplace.  It will allow people to either see and/or try out products themselves before they purchase or download them - to allow them to see what the products look or work like.

Shopping Aid

An important companion to the Unified Listing and the GPII Market Place is the ShoppingAid that will help match user's needs and preferences to the solutions available.