Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in GPII and the community surrounding GPII. If you already know you want to contribute, and perhaps even have an idea how you can contribute, join the team by sending us a mail (see below). We also have a wiki and several mailing lists set up and heavily used by the GPII community which should provide for an introduction into the technical details of the GPII development and implementation. These are open for anyone to browse, join and follow.

Join the Team

Contact us at Let us know what GPII means to you as a person with a disability, a technology developer, a policy maker -- whatever your connection is to the idea and how you'd like to help. Include the country you are interested in helping with and we will put you in contact with other team members.


In our daily development, we use a wiki to document our work, progress, ideas, etc. Technical details on development, implementations, testing, demonstrations and more can be found here:

Mailing Lists

For general communication and technical discussions, several mailinglists has been set up covering different aspects of the GPII. The lists are used for day-to-day communication within GPII and are a great resource if you are interested in following and keeping up to date on some aspect of GPII. An overview of the lists is to be found here: Note that these list are used on a daily basis by the GPII team and will often have technical content covering details of the GPII. If you are just interested in the occassional mail with updates on what is going on in GPII, see below.

Get Updates

If you just want to keep track of the major events related to GPII and Raising the Floor, you can sign up to receive updates. Unlike the mailing lists, these are summaries of the work/events in GPII and will serve to keep you up to date on what is going on in GPII.