Unified AnyWhere Delivery System

The Unified Delivery System is the backbone of the GPII. This is actually a set of different delivery systems that work together to provide users with the options they need in different environments with their different constraints. Virtual software (that runs in the cloud),  download-and-install, run from local server, software on a stick, and hybrids of the these are all included.

Key to the system overall is that it will support solutions from all vendors and allow them to be mixed with each other as needed, as well as being combined with built in access features in mainstream products. As a result, a user can come up to a computer and have the proper set of  built-in and external access technologies (from one or more vendors) appear on the computer, configured to their needs.

This delivery system will exist part in the cloud and part on the systems themselves. Although some of the delivery mechanisms can be used with products that are not aware of the delivery mechanism for solutions, the most effective delivery mechanisms, and most transparent to the user, will result from collaboration between the Unified Delivery System and the target mainstream products.

It is the combination of the evaluation Wizard, the preference server, and the  Unified Delivery System that makes the system effective enough, and simple enough, to be usable by the majority of people who are not highly technical and familiar with these access technologies.

The goal is to have completely automatic personalization and content adaptation.